Ian McCormack

Ian McCormack was a surf bum, earning some cash by night diving off the coast of Mauritius, but he was stung by several Box Jellyfish which killed him. You can visit his website and learn more, or you can (with his permission) use file-sharing (eg BitTorrent, uTorrent etc..) to download videos of his story in his own words!

You have a choice of 4 file formats, and can either watch a re-enactment:

Or you can watch him preach:

He came to my church (Trent Vineyard) a while ago and I was impressed. One of the things that impressed me was that he wasn’t using the American model of finding every opportunity possible to make money out of his experience. He did offer a DVD of his story for sale, but it was just 1 (virtually no profit on this) and he allows anyone to copy it as often as they want, and he is very happy for me to offer these bittorrent files to anyone who wants them

If you want to invite Ian to your church then I am sure that he would be willing to come- visit his web site for more details.

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