Alan David (Serious)


There are some serious web pages here:


Rich Descriptions


Alan’s CV

There are also a number of serious sites that I take an interest in:

www.datatechnologies.co.uk. This is my companies home page and talks about what we do and who we are.

www.suitemaker.com. This is the home page for “SuiteMaker”, a software package for companies who make upholstery and furniture.

www.ashfieldlabour.org.uk. This is the home page for the Ashfield-area Labour Party. It still needs lots of work, but it’s a case of whether people can contribute to making it more complete.

www.FriendsOfACR.Org.uk. This is an unofficial site for Ashwood Community Resource.

www.FOKP.Org.uk. This site is for “Friends of Kingsway Park” and is to tell you something about them.


Finally, a picture of me with a dark cloud over my head!

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