Global Warming

Despite President “stupid” Bush’s confidence that there is no global warming, respectable opinion is that global warming is real and is a major threat to the world. Every day brings more statistical evidence- but by the time we have so much evidence that even Bush believes it will be too late.

One of the simplest things you can do to reduce your contribution to the problem is to chuck out your ordinary lightbulbs (“tungsten filament”). They are very wasteful! If you replace them with the “compact fluorescents” (those funny bulbs with the wiggly white glass pipes), you will save 80% of the energy used. They last for around 8000 hours, so the maths means you save...
=kW saved x hours x price/kWh
=0.08 x 8000 x 0.08

So, for each of these compact fluorescents that you buy (now only 99p from Aldi and from B&Q), you will save around 50 of electricity. Since the bulbs cost twice as much as regular bulbs but last 8 times as long, they even save money on the bulbs!

Save the planet- get compact fluorescents!

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